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  • North Island Motorhome and Caravan Expo at Mystery Creek, Hamilton

    We love New Zealand’s annual Motorhome and Caravan Shows. They offer us a great opportunity to showcase our new models as well as upgrades to our existing range.

    This year has been no different and we’ve showcased many of our latest innovations.

    North Island Motorhome Show

    If you’ve been unable to attend any of the shows, what’s the next best thing? Well, video, of course. And who better to talk you through than our Sales Manager, Mandy Davis.

    This video was shot at Mystery Creek in Hamilton.  During the show we enjoyed record-breaking sales, which continued right through to the last day – our factory orders are now out to October.

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  • Every motorhome owner’s dream – the Quarter Acre Pot

    Owners of motorhomes love to travel and see new places – it’s a life of adventure hitting the road less travelled.

    They love meeting new people and trying new foods at the places they visit along the way.  Sometimes though, there’s nothing like a good home cooked meal which is exactly what you can have when you take to the road in a motorhome with your quarter acre pot!

    quarter acre pot for camping


    A sense of adventure, the freedom to travel and arrive at their destination with a home cooked meal bubbling away is pretty hard to beat.

    Motorhome adventurers love the quarter acre pot because it allows them to do just that!

    Pack up their belongings and hit the road knowing that a home cooked meal is quietly bubbling away for when they arrive at their destination – this makes the destination even more exciting!

    The quarter acre pot allows a motorhome enthusiast to prepare a meal before they head off and let it cook slowly and gently as they motor down the road, so that when they arrive at their destination, supper is ready to eat and they can park up, watch the sunset and relax after a long journey on the road.

    quarter acre pot for motorhomes

    No need to worry about uncoupling the shuttle car and traveling into a nearby unknown town to find dinner. It’s right there and ready to enjoy. Get the TV set up and tuned in, then just sit back, eat and enjoy. Plenty of time to venture into town tomorrow!

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  • Great motorhome camping spots in the Eastern Bay of Plenty

    The Eastern Bay of Plenty is home to some of New Zealand’s most unspoiled coastline and extends from Matata through to the towns of Whakatane, Ohope, and Opotiki. If you are planning a trip to the sunny Eastern Bay of Plenty in your TrailLite motorhome you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to great places for you to stay.  

    New Zealand motorhome on tour

    Shady spots at Pikowai

    For example, just before you reach the small seaside town of Matata is the Pikowai Campground which is located right on the beachfront. The white cliffs clad with magnificent pohutukawa trees shelter the campground from southerly winds. With plenty of nice shady spots for you to park you will enjoy the steep sandy beach and excellent surf-cast fishing. Just pull up in your home on wheels and enjoy everything on offer.

    Pikowai camp ground

     A little off the beaten track in Thornton

    Alternatively, if you are looking for somewhere a little out of the way you can drive 10 kms through Matata towards Whakatane to the Thornton Beach Holiday Park. With spectacular views of Whale Island and in the distance White Island (New Zealand’s only active marine volcano), you can enjoy beach and river swimming, boating and fishing. Although a little off the beaten track you are still only 5 minutes’ drive from some great country cafes and 10 minutes’ drive from the picturesque coastal town of Whakatane.

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  • TrailLite celebrates 2013 and announces exciting new plans

    As we approach the end of the year with increasing pace, we naturally think to the year’s changes and accomplishments.

    Things don’t sit still for long around here.  We keep saying “once we get this project out of the way, we can go back to business as usual”, but of course we just think of the next thing we want to work on or improve, and off we go again.

    exterior or burford motorhome

    This year has felt particularly rewarding though.  We started the year with a plan of things we wanted to achieve, and we completed almost every goal we set for ourselves.

    Some of the highlights include:

    The addition of the British built Auto-Sleepers range of motorhomes to the TrailLite family.  We’re also very proud that we have almost achieved our annual sales target in the first three months.

    One of the biggest achievements of the year was the launch of our new model range structure.  One of the downsides of offering such a wide range of products has been the risk of confusing people, and I think we did a fair amount of that.  Now we’ve simplified the model range, grouped like products together and made the range easier to understand, while actually increasing the choice available.  This was a big project, but we’re really pleased with what we’ve achieved.

    New look for the TrailLite brand

    At the same time, we refreshed the TrailLite brand and developed new graphics to clearly distinguish Landmark models as New Zealand’s premium motorhomes.  A new modernised rear end design also improved the look of our motorhomes, added functionality and available space.
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  • A TrailLite motorhome adventure in the Far North

    Recently we were lucky enough to take a TrailLite motorhome away for a few days. We’re not ones to pass up an opportunity so we were determined to get to the tip of the North Island our destination – Ninety Mile Beach.

    Whilst driving up it was great to wave out to fellow TrailLiters and there were so many of them on the road.

    We were tempted to find a DOC camp along the way, however as we had only hired a campervan before we played it safe and headed for a camp site. We made good time with a slight detour along the way to stock up at the supermarket.  It was just about lunchtime so we veered off the main road and found a stunning secluded site down West Coast Road in Awanui; the initial reaction at reception was a very relaxed environment, this appealed so we made it home for our 3 nights.  It worked out at $35 per night, which we thought was pretty damn good considering we had an 8m luxurious motorhome with all the facilities of a very modern hotel plus it was a long weekend and we had incredible sea views – had we taken our car, found a luxury hotel by the beach we certainly would have paid a LOT more than $35 per night!

    view from motorhome

    While driving past other campervans to our chosen site they gazed at us in awe… and when we were set up we found some curious people wanting to view the inside (to be honest I was blown away by how much interest we had). Of course we had great pleasure showing them around and at one stage I even found myself in selling mode!

    I had nothing but praise for such a wonderfully built motorhome and I was honestly very proud to say it is me who works at TrailLite.

    So after a long day travelling and spending an hour or so showcasing our motorhome it was time for a well-earned rest.  The sun was beaming down, our awning was out, steak sizzling on the external BBQ and relaxing music playing through the outside speakers – we surely were in heaven – this is the life!

    Before we knew it, it was a new day.

    We did our checks, started the engine and headed up to Cape Reinga (it literally took us 5 minutes to be ready while fellow campers were still packing up their cars – the bonus of having it all in a motorhome).

    We found the 100km journey to be a very pleasant drive, in fact it was amazing to see how many people were actually up there.  We had no problem finding a place to park; we sat back with a coffee and admired the million dollar sea views before walking to the iconic lighthouse. It truly is a magical place where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean, a wild piece of water to witness and I can see why it is part of the 101 must do’s for kiwis.
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  • A peek inside the Landmark motorhome interior design process

    When coming to see me for your Landmark interior design consultation – you don’t need to feel nervous!

    In most cases I am the one that feels a little nervous at our meeting as I am thinking about how we will work together to achieve your vision of your new motorhome.

    Sometimes the gentlemen ask “what colour are you going to give us?”

    I always reply “pink and purple” as this usually breaks the ice and we are away.

    My work room is a wonderful sunny space upstairs overlooking the factory. It is absolutely bursting with the latest in flooring and fabrics as I like to ensure there are loads of choices to suit everyone’s taste.

    However, my work room was in need of a little make over!  The most important thing I was missing was storage.

    This is what the space looked like before I got to work on it…

    motorhome design workroom
    Makeover taking shape – I now have a cubby hole space for everything which is an absolute dream when I am working with you.

    The wide white shelving unit surface is proving to be a huge asset as we can view the samples together under natural daylight.
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  • Annual Winter Motorhome and Caravan Sale now on at Everything RV

    Like many New Zealanders, the time comes when your work-life balance starts to focus more on the “life” than the “work”, and you realise there is a finite number of summers to be relished with friends and family.

    The team at TrailLite have been working alongside such New Zealanders since the 1950′s ensuring each and every customer has the right base vehicle, floor plan and specifications to live the dream they have been working a lifetime to achieve.

    TrailLite Winter motorhome sale

    You too can share the expertise and knowledge that comes with nearly 60 years experience by coming to see us our Annual Winter Sale at Everything RV.  We can show you through the very best imported and New Zealand made motorhomes and caravans designed to meet our rugged New Zealand conditions, as well as a wide variety of preowned options.

    The benefits of coming to  Everything RV here in Pukekohe is that you get to see New Zealand’s largest range of new and used Motorhomes and Caravans all in one handy location and you have the opportunity to do a full factory tour where you get to meet the craftsmen that build them and support them.
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  • Important tips when purchasing your first motorhome

    There are many people like yourself ready to upgrade from your first motorhome… and you know from experience what’s negotiable and what’s not – for your next purchase.

    This experience is invaluable and if shared with first time buyers could really help them to save time and a lot of stress and also minimise their cost of ownership.

    One of the biggest motivators would have to be the “right” cab/chassis for the job.

    It’s easy to make your first purchase based on your car buying experience. However, when you become addicted to the new lifestyle of freedom, friendships and choices, the non-negotiable features that you require are payload, rearwheel drive and ground clearance.

    New Zealand motorhome on tour

    So what is payload?

    Payload is an important aspect of your motorhome and an area that a salesman may not even discuss unless you specifically ask about it. It is the difference between the weight of the motorhome without you and your belongings/water and what the vehicle manufacturer states as the maximum weight it can carry (GVM – Gross vehicle mass ).

    If you have 200 litres of fresh water, that’s 200kg required in your payload. If you have two occupants that’s 200kg for yourselves and clothes and then there is the golf clubs, dingy, outboard, table and chairs (the list can get quite big for the avid motorhomer). Read more…

  • A guide to finding the best NZ motorhome holiday destinations

    Remember the TV advertising campaign a few years back (probably quite a few years back, as time flies as I get older)  “Don’t leave home till you’ve seen the country ! “

    There has never been a truer word spoken. It is amazing how as New Zealanders we are constantly breaking our necks to travel overseas, when we live in such a stunning & diverse country.

    And how many times have you spoken to someone that has returned from overseas, with the comment “you don’t realise what a great country we live in till you have seen how the other half live.

    Motorhome holiday destinations

    I suppose it is a bit of the old pasture seeming to be greener on the other side of the fence.

    Anyway, I thought I would investigate what resources I could find that may inspire me to go check out New Zealand in all its glory.

    I jumped on the old computer, and here are just a tiny handful of websites that I came across that have information on what is there waiting for us:

    101 must-does for kiwis – AA Travel

    Auckland iSite Visitor Centres

    Eventfinda – What’s on in New Zealand

    NZ Online – Travel, Tourism Directory and Travel Planner
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  • Creating a brand new look for a pre-owned motorhome

    The buzz, excitement and  busy-ness of show week has long since passed, the boys in the factory have resumed their usual hum, stepping it up just a notch, and the sales staff are frantic!

    My heart was on my sleeve showing my work first time round at the Hamilton Show, but  Mandy our Sales Manager made a lovely comment on “how they made her job easier” and Shaun our General Manager passed comment on my troublesome build saying, “it was like walking into a luxury hotel suite”.  Wonderful!

    On walking around the yard today I see two of my builds are SOLD –  so all’s well here.

    The last month or so has had me working with several  clients on making small changes to vehicles they have bought as pre owned.

    When looking for a motorhome, and a new motorhome is out of the budget, don’t discount the huge range of traded vehicles as well as owners selling on behalf of, we have here on our yard.

    Often these motorhomes have great kitchens/bathrooms that are  practically new, along with carpets and vinyls hardly showing signs of wear.  For minimal cost changing the upholstery fabric on your lounge squabs/cab seats, gives a fresh brand new look, and it’s a small way of putting your mark on it for maximum effect.

    If the motorhome has dated, scruffy curtains, again changing the fabric  gives a new look, or if the space works,  Roman Blinds are modern and let in more light.

    Cushions and new bedding is also a small way of creating the WOW effect, and modernizing the overall look.

    Used motorhome interior - before

    On looking at this before picture it is hard to see really what needs changing.  The previous owners were very careful and took pride in keeping their motorhome spotless.  The colours were neutral and toned in well together with a hint of blue running through the fabric.
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