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  • On the road with TrailLite motorhomes and Bailey caravans

    With Christmas and summer fast approaching this is a time for many of us, to commit to decision making so that our summer holiday plans can be made a reality.

    Are you ready to make this summer the beginning of your new adventures?

    Bailey provides flexibility and freedom of caravanning

    For those of you who want to get on the road and experience the thrill and freedom of caravanning, we have been proudly offering the Bailey Caravan range.

    For those that know us here at TrailLite, we have high standards of service, quality and safety. So the Bailey range appealed to us with its patented Alu-Tech construction technology, making them more robust, more durable and yet lighter than those manufactured using conventional methods, to offer greater protection against the elements, keeping you comfortable, safe and secure all year round.

    We have made sure we have a great range of stock for you to choose from, so make a time to view and test tow soon.Bailey Caravan

    Ask Yourself…

    If you’re looking for a pre-owned motorhome to get off the beaten track, it’s time to identify your priorities.

    1. How much water, battery and solar capacity do you require to make your adventures possible?

    2. If you’re planning to head off on metal roads and wet paddocks, have you made a rear wheel drive vehicle a non-negotiable?

    3. And how important is it to have back up and support while you’re on the road… wherever you are in New Zealand?

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  • Mornings bring a new vista to motorhome travellers

    It’s not the destination… it’s all about the journey…

    For many people travelling is simply a means to an end. And isn’t that sad?

    Especially when we look at travel as a metaphor for life - “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” Traillite adventure in Queenstown

    For those attuned to philosophical viewpoints, a journey of adventure comes with the freedom of packing a few necessities and heading out to discover new directions or the connectedness of familiar and loved spots. For them, travel isn’t just about moving from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’; it’s about experiencing everything in-between, because of course life happens in the ‘in-between’ moments.

    Taking the love of motorhome travel to new heights

    Life has a way of evolving away from the traditional, we see it almost daily – new and innovative ways of doing things are constantly being presented to us. And the way we live is not exempt from a ‘review of the rules’.

    Our adventurous spirits can find release by moving away from the ‘white picket fence’ and find revelation in a new, freedom filled way of living.

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  • TrailLite celebrate summer event for motorhomes and caravans

    Summer is well and truly on its way and in the spirit of positive momentum we are happy to announce the TrailLite Get Together (TGT).

    Come and join us for TRAILlite fun

    Now in its 4th year, TGT has become the summer event people all over the country look forward to… and for good reason. Its three days of… to put it simply, TRAILlite goodness!

    TGT is a combination of weekend escape, entertainment and workshop events. It’s a great excuse to head-off for the weekend and a fantastic opportunity for like-minded people to meet and enjoy each other’s company.


    This year on the 5th – 7th December the wider TRAILlite family will be heading to the Don Rowlands Centre, perched on the banks of the stunning Lake Karapiro.

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  • TrailLite showcase latest motorhomes at RSE event

    Latest innovations in motorhomes

    What a great opportunity it was for TrailLite to attend the Rear Seat Entertainent (RSE) Open Day on 13 and 14 September. This is a very popular day that gives the public an opportunity to see the latest products and innovations in motorhome entertainment, ask questions and really get to feel the comfort and experience the excitement of being inside a TrailLite motorhome.

    RSE open day

    Here at TrailLite we install both RSE’s 19″ and 24″ TVs with in-built satellite and Sky option as a standard fit out in our motorhomes. Larger TVs can be fitted if required from RSE’s range of satellite receivers. SamYs are also installed on the larger TrailLite motorhomes.

    Sales manager Mandy Davies and motorhome consultant Rob Deed attended this event and were very excited to showcase the Autosleeper Range, their popular import motorhome built on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, along with the new innovative TrailLite 300 Series built on the Volkswagen Crafter, which offers the island bed and large garage at the rear.

    Sharing industry knowledge and love of motorhomes

    Mandy says… “We have been in the industry for 60 years and we just love to share our experience and knowledge.

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  • Innovative bedding for motorhomes and caravans

    As many of you are aware I am a keen yachtie, and always looking at ways to make life as comfortable as possible as we go off adventuring. (And yes, we all know the time will come where the yacht will become the TRAILlite motorhome – as eventually the TRAILlite (land yacht) will become a more accessible and comfortable option).

    Now you may think that my motorhome affinity is born out of an occupational by-product of sorts and I might have to agree that it is.

    I am spoilt for choice, variety, customisation and new developments working here at TRAILlite.

    exterior or burford motorhome

    Yachting Challenges

    One of our biggest challenges when out yachting is to get the perfect night’s sleep.

    As you can imagine sleeping on foam leaves us feeling exhausted and irritable in the morning with continual turning throughout the night.

    With the addition of a memory foam topper pad the bed was transformed, however we were still left with the challenge of making a V berth bed, on hands and knees having to lift up the mattress to get the sheeting on – a functional issue that we along with others, could do without.

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  • New motorhome deliveries in time for summer holidays

    Can you believe it; we are half way through the year and have had the shortest day, so it’s now time to start thinking about how we are going to enjoy the upcoming longer daylight hours and spring weather.

    We believe there is no better way than doing this by planning a caravan or motorhome travel itinerary around our beautiful county. Imagine waking up to a new spectacular destination whenever you want, and meeting other like-minded inspirational people along the way. What more could you ask for?

    So if you see yourself as an adventurer or someone that loves to live life to the fullest, now’s the time to let us assist you in working out how you can best achieve your goals and dreams, as well as ensuring you get your purchase decision right first time. This means ensuring what you buy is sought after and well supported for future resale.

    If you are thinking about that new TRAILlite build and want to be on the road for summer, we have deliveries available in March. So how can you secure this delivery date I hear you say? Well that’s easy, just give us a call and place your deposit, and you will have plenty of time to decide on your base vehicle, floor plan and specifications.

    rsz_auto_sleeper_traillite (1)

    If you have been to see our great new range of Autosleeper motorhomes – you will be impressed by our choice of base vehicle – the Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

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  • TRAILlite career change offers diversity and excitement

    Doug Penman is the new sales consultant for TRAILlite and in this role he takes customers through the process of research, to sales and final delivery of their motorhomes and caravans.

    Doug’s post is the second in our “Meet the TRAILlite Team” series.

    I’m sure I’m not alone in having woken on a beautiful day and suddenly realised, “Ohhh work today”. Its Monday-itis at varying levels, the antidote to which will vary in equal measures.

    For some, the cure will simply be a deserved day off work to re-charge, for others it leads to a re-evaluation of career goals and life trajectory… for others, it is not Monday-itis at all… but a misdiagnosis that is the positive flip side “Ohh work today!”

    It does however raise the question, how do we maintain an all important level of job satisfaction that is sustained throughout the days, weeks, months and years?

    Background in customer service

    Ten years ago, I worked in the airline industry and it provided excitement. Every day was diverse and demanding. I guess because the airlines deal in overseas destinations, one is naturally associated with and engrossed in interesting customers, co-workers and work stimulation.

    For me, this level of diversity is the key to ongoing job satisfaction, so then when I made a career change, diversity was at the top of my evaluation list.

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  • A creative career with typical Kiwi beginnings

    Michelle Bevin is the interior designer at TRAILlite. She infuses her creative touch into the interior of each TRAILlite motorhome and works one-on-one with our customers to design stunning and unique interiors.

    Michelle’s post is the first in our “Meet the TRAILlite Team” series.

    Kiwi resourcefulness and creativity led to interior design career

    I am often asked how I became an interior designer. The answer to which is neither exciting nor as glamorous as one would hope or think. For me it just sort of happened. A somewhat typical, standard Kiwi approach to finding and building a career path.

    It all started out of a need, which again is somewhat typical for many young Kiwi couples with small children, little money and in our case, a gracious 1920′s bungalow, in desperate need of a revamp. I took to it with Kiwi-can-do attitude and despite having little funds, committed to making this home gorgeous once more and unwittingly put my career path into forward motion.

    No shortage of ideas

    Inspiration and ideas were found all around – magazines, open homes, trade and exchange, fabric houses, retail homeware stores, and a personal favourite, hardware shops, brimming with paint that allowed me to indulge in my love of colour.

    Basecamp motorhome interior

    Don’t get me wrong, over the early years – I made my fair share of mistakes, particularly with paint choices and the looming pitfall of bargain furniture pieces or accessories; the kind that you talk yourself into buying simply because the price is just too good. The funny thing about these “bargains” is that they never seemed to work and were often spatially wrong or not quite the right tone of colour – haven’t we all been there at some stage coming up with multiple reasons to justify the purchase?

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  • Aroha Island a sanctuary for the brown kiwi

    Aroha Island Eco Centre  is a five-hectare, pest-free island 12km north of Kerikeri.

    Connected to the mainland by a causeway, its main attractions are the six pairs of brown kiwi that live there, a visitor centre, short bush walks and the peaceful, beautiful environment.

    Low-cost, water-front camping is available with the proceeds going towards maintaining the island and providing well-needed funding for new projects.

    Kayaks are available to hire and the Visitor Centre is excellent, providing information for young and old on the history of the island and its inhabitants.

    Beachfront camping at Aroha Island

    Aroha Island is one of the few places in New Zealand where you get the opportunity to see kiwi in their natural environment.

    The staff at Aroha Island told us that their success rate for seeing a kiwi on an evening bush walk averages at 80%. These walks are either guided or unguided and red-light torches can be hired from the Visitor Centre.

    While an 80% chance of seeing a kiwi sounds like good odds, the chances of our group seeing one was always going to be zero.

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  • Three exciting new motorhome innovations

    We’re very excited to announce three new innovations for our motorhomes and these will appear on all new models from now on.

    Exciting new innovations

    The first, and most obvious, change is a new main entry door. This door looks great and the features are:

    • an internal storage bin

    • a window for improved security

    • much better insulation

    The door vent has also been eliminated as this had a habit of letting in the cold and dust.

    motorhome shows new vents

    Added security provides total convenience

    The most exciting feature, however, is a digital keypad, which provides secure, keyless entry.

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